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29 May, 2015 08:18

The My Transactions section of our website is back up and running! Thank you for your patience as we investigated what was slowing down the information upload.

Store Credits used today – Club Fitting Works!

Ladies & Gentlemen: Today was the last day to use your store credits. We made purchases of golf balls for those who had some store credit on your account. You may pick up your merchandise the next time you are in the shop or you can exchange for another item. Club fitting works! This past summer I rejoined the NIKE staff, I received NIKE irons and woods "off the shelf" since the timing was late in the year for staff agreements. This year I was fitted for both the woods and irons by their Demo Day fitter. He said I picked up 5 mph right away, I was anxious to play the club. I hit last years driver well and very straight but fairly short. I was accepting that old age was getting to me and I was just not going to hit the ball as far. Well that 5 mph is substantial, Winston Ball one of our longer hitters was hitting it passed me 30-40 yards a week ago. Yesterday with my new NIKE VAPOR driver I was only 15-20 yards back. And while practicing I chased a 3 wood on the 18th green from the 250 marker. Now I am looking for those irons!! "Sundowners" this evening!!! Terry

News for the week of Oct 27

Ladies & Gentlemen: This Monday, October 27th the course and range will be close for over-seeding. Golf carts will be restricted to the rough only for one week and we will need to water the seed throughout the day during the germination period. The pro shop will be open 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The “Sundowner” Finally will be this Thursday, players tee off anytime after 4:30. We are looking for a big turnout, players are signing up early. Come out and enjoy some golf, beverages, Pizza & Chicken Wings!! Terry