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For our next generation of golfers the Club offers clinics, private lessons and playing lessons, as well as seasonal camps.

Summer Golf Camp

No Camp on Rain Days
Students to Teacher Ratio: Max 10 to 1

Must Be A Member To Register For Camp.


Hillary Clinton, whether you like her politics or not, has talked for years about a concept of “..it takes a village..”. As I interpret this phrase, it is true that in our society a parents influence on a child is paramount, however, it is the people around a kid that also molds their personality and character. Whether it be Grandparents, teachers, coaches, friends, clergyman, etc., these parties can influence a child without even knowing.

Noah is a good kid, and you (collectively you, Tony, and Mike), have had a very positive impact on him. I can’t thank you enough, but I hope that by reading this essay you can appreciate my gratitude. It is a wonderful junior program we have a SPCC, and it is one of the gems in being a member.

Please feel free to share th is with your staff, and be proud of your influence on Noah. He is an excellent student, and you all have played a role in his growth – THANKS!